My name is Daniel Molloy. The only reason Tumbleweed Bicycle Company exists is to make the very best bikes for remote off-road loaded touring and bikepacking. No expense has been spared in the design, materials or construction of our bikes, and the concepts and details have been painstakingly tested and refined over the course of years. Tumbleweeds have been ridden in harsh conditions for thousands of miles in an effort to continuously improve the breed and ensure that the end user can ride with full confidence anywhere in the world. Our initial bike, the Prospector, is born out of a frustration with off-the-shelf bikes that compromise function to follow industry trends. Swappable front and rear wheels, maximum tire and mud clearance with a standard width bottom bracket and the ability to fit the frame with parts that have been standard for the last 30 years are just some of the differences that set Tumbleweed bikes apart.